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Megaviz Websites Design specialises in music websites, singer websites, pop sites, band websites and music download websites
for small to medium sized enterprises and businesses.

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Music websites serve a variety of functions. Some are designed to portray the artist image, some to sell music, and some to provide other music services such as DJ bookings etc. Megaviz is based in a studio environment and we have our finger on the pulse of what our artists and singers want from their websites and what functionality is most appropriate to provide the service that you require. When designing an artist website we bear in mind the style of music, the self-image and connotations which the artist describes in our consultations, and the market which his or her music is aimed at.

How do we make the music website that you want?

Apart from creating a range of effective and
dynamic artist websites, Megaviz has also successfully marketed a variety of music service brands including the well known recording studio experience brand, Beehouse.

These commercial studio based super-experiences are equally popular with professional musicians, amateurs and non-musicians, providing both a fabulous and friendly recording and production service with some tuition or coaching if required.

Music websites - 3 steps to success
Megaviz is a small and unique business which has evolved its website design through a long association with singers, bands and musicians. Our music website design revolves around a knowledge of the market, and comprises three main steps:

1. Market your genre in your area
2. Promote your image.
3. Make your tracks searchable

Step 1:
"market your genre and your area to get gigs ..."

A new artist needs to reach out to two markets - those that know the name and those that don't - therefore your website can be designed to be accessible to your current audience, or to reach out to new listeners. In the creation of your music web site both these factors will be taken into account. Attracting visitors who are interested in electronic pop, drum and bass, dubstep, hip-hop, melodic soft rock, jazz, indie, alternative rock, classical piano, rap, dance, folk or world music - whatever you are specialist in - is our first step.

We encourage artists to make Youtube videos and other media so that visitors can see them in action as well as listen to them

Step 2:
"Carry the artist's growing image and style to the target market..."

The website which is promoting a singer, band, or musician then needs to present an image which develops ideas and themes delivered in the music, and conveys an added dimension to that music. The design artist who is going to achieve this has to be able to empathise with the performer. End result? Web sites which feel comfortable to the artist, and help deliver the right music to the right audience. We achieve this through the addition of imagery arrived at with the artist to complement to sounds that are available on their site, and maybe some friendly graphics which will lead the visitor to feel at home with your website and in tune with your music - enough to buy ....

Step 3:
"Customers searching for your tracks can find them and download them on the internet ..... "

The website then needs to present the visitor with an easy way of buying their music. Selected artists can upload their tracks free of charge to Noochoon, and sell tracks direct on their own website by means of an iFrame.

If you're not ready to invest in your own website yet, Noochoon offers a very cost-effective way of getting your tracks out there for download, by links from Youtube, or just by word of mouth. Artists wanting to take this route can do so via the artists promotions website, .

Noochoon Downloads Site performs very well on the search engines and will also boost your website or Youtube presence. Tracks are sold for 79p and the artist takes 50p of that. Currently Noochoon is retailing a small but select group of artists who have recorded at the Beehouse, where we can assure ourselves of the quality of their music. Noochoon is happy to consider downloads by other artists at a fixed fee.

Ecommerce in Music

Current projects include DJ bookings sites such as MantraSound and Mantra DJs, where customers can enquire about availability by means of an online form. Customers are quoted and matched with a DJ and contracted by an only system which operates throughout the UK.
Another of our web successes is a recording studio gift sales site where vouchers are provided through an online purchase system. Customers choose the amount of time they wish to spend in the studio and the type of experience they require, and the website takes the order.
We have also developed a directory of music services at Qamus Music Shop where customers can search for the music service they want throughout a UK-wide directory.
An Entertainment Agency site also plays an important role in promoting our artists' websites, giving them not only valuable links, but opportunities to play live near to where they live.

Recording voucher

DJ websites
As A DJ , your website needs to present the right image for the market you cater for, which can be immensely variable. Some DJ websites benefit from the personal touch, the DJ who chats to your guests and makes them feel at home, the karaoke DJ who involves himself and gets the singing going, with plenty of banter for the shy. Alternatively, your website may portray a discreet corporate image, the DJ who plays and mixes the tracks from quiet anonymity. The MantraSound website represents the image of a large number of very different DJs successfully in one format, providing a sufficiently glamorous but corporate image to attract educated and discerning customers who may have had very little to do with DJs but require one and don't know where to start , and would like to consider all the ins and outs before booking.

Two similar sites, Mantra DJs and Corporate Discos also provide a similar, locally based but formal feel.

Music Production and Songwriting
If you're working in a specialist area such as music production or songwriting, and need a website where you can get samples of your music and soundtracks online, we have the experience to present your material in a secure but inviting framework, to invite the right customers for the type of service you offer.

Alternatively you may be marketing a music production workshop or a songwriting workshop. Again, Megaviz has the experience to get your site into a position where customers are able to view and purchase your products

music production
Megaviz Methods
Founded in a thriving recording studio, Megaviz is staffed with exactly the right people to make your website a combination of accessibility and glamour - functional when necessary, attractive, and with just the ideal amount of music to keep the visitor's interest without losing the commercial point of the site...directing them to buy your product, and come back for more.