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You have a fantastic product. You may even have your website already, and you want to market it. How do you reach your target market globally, uk-wide or simply in the Shropshire, Cheshire or Powys area, and ensure that people who need your business can find it? So many websites are rarely visited due to poor web site optimisation. And if you are successful on Google, how do you ensure that visitors are interested enough in your website to buy?

Good website design, website marketing and search engine optimisation represent the most economical methods of telling the world about the product you have, and Megaviz is the place to start. If you've found us through the search engines, then you've benefited from our search engine optimisation - so now let us do the same for your business. You have now made the first positive step to finding a constant source of buyers who are genuinely interested in purchasing your product.

Seeing is believing, so why not check out some of our current projects down the right hand column?
Megaviz offers many different websites according to your needs. If you need a website that oozes comfort and sophistication, we can develop that by using high quality photographs and graphics, so that those directed to your site will find in it the essence of your product image - be it a hotel, luxury foods or other high calibre goods and services.


Music Website DESIGN

Megaviz has a specialism for music websites. We offer unique designs reflecting the originality of your ideas. Downloads can then be added directly to your site or we can offer you a download facility on Noochoon. Please look at the following sites or at the artist site down the right hand column.


Customer Needs
We realise that every customer has a different idea about how their product or service needs to be marketed. One website design may focus primarily on a high search engine ranking, whilst another website may exist purely as a shop window for an already established trading identity. As an established locally based company, we understand the particular economic culture of the Powys Shropshire region and the importance of competing on the world market, and will spend the time with you required to fully understand and market your business.

Remote Locations
Megaviz is a local business in a totally isolated location, a business built on successful web marketing. Our methods are simple, and can produce exactly the response you want - lots of attention for your business without breaking the bank or offering more than you can fulfill. As experienced web designers, we allow businesses to grow at a manageable pace, by developing and supporting your website in tune with developments in your business.

We are based near to Llanfyllin, between Welshpool, Oswestry and Shrewsbury, and a manageable distance from Telford and the Midlands, near to Meifod, Newtown, Llanfechain and Llansantfraidd. We offer:

Shropshire Website Design

Powys Website Design

Cheshire Website Design

If website design for a Shropshire, Cheshire or Powys based business is what you're looking for, we're ideal. If you're further afield, we can work with you online and by 'phone to bring your website into the real world market. Please look through our site and email us or telephone us on 07792293254 if you would like to discuss web design or web marketing further.

Website Optimisation - FINDING YOUR PLACE
Although Megaviz now offers a wide range of attractive and eye-catching web designs alongside high calibre e-commerce sites, it has its origins in search engine optimisation. Finding a place on the search engines, particularly Google, is becoming more and more demanding, and a number of strategies are brought to play in ths time-consuming and specialist activity. Businesses need to be prepared to understand the balance that must be achieved between an exciting graphic design, and a top ten placement, and to recognise the growing competition in all fields.

Megaviz offers a number of schemes which are extremely helpful in marketing processes and can achieve some notable results with time and patience. This is an area where many designers fail, as designers tend, for the vast majority, to be primarily graphic artists, and knowledge of search engine manipulation and linguistic considerations is limited. Megaviz is business aware, and frequently works with very beautifully designed sites to being them to a stage where they can be seen, recognised and visited freqeuntly by the target market. If you would like further information with regards to your website development, please don't hesitate to fill in one of our enquiry forms, or to speak to us directly on 07792293254.

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Above and beyond the provision of websites, Megaviz involves itself in a variety of complementary activities and provides services which enhance the web presence of its customers.

Video Production

Beehouse Films (another of our businesses) works extensively in the field of audiovisual media, and film and video examples are available on our website.

Noochoon Channel on Youtube contains a larger selection of our video material - documentaries, pop videos and so forth produced by Megaviz for its customers in HD quality video.

Beehouse Films

Music Production
As a part of its audiovisual capabilities, Megaviz is also intensively involved in music and soundtrack production, and is capable of developing everything from incidental music to fully fledged soundtracks, having the use of a fully equipped professional and commercial recording studio, and access to vocalists, musicians, composers and songwriters to suit most requirements. Music genres produced by the studio to date have ranged from neo-classical to electronic pop and hip-hop, and have also included raditional pop and disco, jazz, dance music, rock music, choral, and folk.

Youtube and Google As a part of our web design facility, we are happy to develop Youtube slideshows for our customers for presentation on their websites. This is an inexpensive way of getting very attractive content onto your site and also linking to it in a beneficial way from another website. Your Youtube slideshows can then act as advertisements for your site, can increase your site's search engine position and can also enhance the site itself. Here's an example:

Other services which are available are:

Content Management
Updating Services
Optimisation and SEO
Graphic Design
Logo Design
Forms and Email Facilities
Domain Hosting
Website Hosting
Web Marketing
Search Engine Position 
Music Websites