There are three principle ways to market your website once it is constructed. These are: Optimisation : Linking : Advertising


Optimisation concerns the actual way your website is built, what words are used, how the pages are constructed, how the metatags are inserted, and what care is taken to ensure that your website is well-phrased using keywords and terminology that you believe your customer-base will search for. Often optimisation requires research by the web designer into the product or service the website is about, and time spent on examining other websites of the same type to see what phrases and descriptors they use successfully. Optimisation therefore requires a certain level of skill, literacy and research ability. As a customer, you will be asked to discuss your service or product with our designer to give an accurate picture of your client base and what they are likely to require of you, and also which aspects of your business you wish to promote.

A certain amount of optimisation is included automatically in our designs to make sure that every site we design gets off to the best possible start. That is why our websites are not the cheapest on the market - they are hand-designed to your specifications and for your particular clientele and market. A Megaviz website is written for a purpose, and we will happily work with you holistically to achieve the best possible place your your site on the internet

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Linking is equally important for your website, and this is an area where there can be joint activity by the designer and the customer in obtaining valuable backlinks for your website.

When your website is completed, you may opt to have a links package, whereby Megavis obtains a fixed number of valuable links to your website from other sites or pages with similar topics to yours. Such links improve the way your website is viewed on the search engines, meaning that your website can achieve a higher ranking than many of your competitors.

Links may be obtained from other static sites, blogs, forums, directories and so forth, and also from Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites such as Youtube. You may occasionally be asked to return a link, although such arrangements are not generally as valuable as one way links. Megaviz can work for you, actively adding such links to your website in the most appropriate way possible. Linking arrangements are charged at a fixed rate.

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Advertising your website in the media, in paper magazines, newspapers, on TV and on the radio can be a good way to get the ball rolling. Through this process you publicise the name of your website to encourage visitors. We can help yu with your advert design, promotion and choice of domain and buzzwords. Your domain name for this purpose should be short and snappy and easy for customers to remember. At Megaviz we can advise you on the various possibilities for domain selection in this context.

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