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is based in Powys, three miles from Llanfyllin, four miles from Meifod, and between Welshpool, Llansantffraidd, Llanfechain, Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant, Llanfair Caereinion, Llanfihangel, Bwlch y Cibau, Pontrobert, Oswestry, Newtown, Llanidloes and Shrewsbury. We are a true borders business in many ways.


Megaviz came into existence in 1999 as a result of the transfer of the transfer of The Beehouse Recording Studio

from Birmingham:
to Powys:

With such a massive change in circumstances, The Beehouse had to adapt fairly rapidly to ensure it was not totally cut off from the outside world. 1999 was a significant year in terms of internet growth, and, quite fortuitously, with the appliance of now well-established internet practices, the business was able to continue to thrive and develop in a number of ways, even from this remote location.

Megaviz came about as a part of the business that was responsible for its promotion, and moved rapidly on to take on new contracts in its own right with other businesses eager to share in the promotional successes enjoyed by the Beehouse. Web design and marketing is largely carried out by Jane Lane who can be contacted here, or called on 07792293254.

Remote Possibilities

It is not difficult to see that, for businesses to thrive in a place with the sparse and dissipated population of Powys, it would require an advanced level of promotion through the internet, to compete with the inner cities and suburbs. It is also obvious that marketing of local products would need to outline and explain effectively the customer the advantages of doing business with a firm based in Wales. There are many products and services which the working population of Wales is in a position to provide, which can be supplied remotely, to counter the negative points of transport and remoteness. Such products and services include agency activities, brokering, advice, information, literature, downloads, and a whole world of products which can be provided by a business operating from this part of the world.

Take MantraSound Disco Agency.......

MantraSound has two agency websites which supply reputable and well-recommended DJs UK-wide to customers who are looking for a one-off booking with the reassurance of reliability , good sound quality and an able performance. Both sites provide disco services remotely, quoting and contracting with software specifically developed, and the system has the added advantage that DJs are selected who are near to the venue, thus having an ecologically-sound ingredient. Such services have the potential to provide employment in Powys for those who wish to work from home, and therefore present a great business model for those with an interest in operating a business from a sparsely populated environment in a modern way but also in a green way.

Disco and DJ sites


Because of its early role in promoting remote businesses, Megaviz initially developed website optimisation and SEO skills to provide for the immediate need of publicity and advertising. Clearly, the initial function of a website is to be found, and in this respect, Megaviz has been highly successful, both for its own businesses and for those of its web clients. Megaviz works with businesses requiring that initial leg-up to generate enquiries and sales, and this support often continues in a mutual way over a long period of time. We do this by a combination of very relevant linking techniques and good website optimization, the use of appropriate keywords, phrases and meta tags. Where necessary we also recommend other systems.
optimisation prices


As a wider variety of businesses have enquired about Megaviz web services, we have begun to offer more in the way of graphic design, so that customers finding websites would also find something pleasant to look at and easy to navigate. Because our sites are primarily designed for search engine success, we use css techniques to ensure that large images and complex backdrops do not slow the functioning of websites, and do not prevent them from ranking well. CSS is system where large images and other website functionality is managed from a secondary page, this allowing the text based page to achieve a good position and load quickly.
CSS prices

A good example of a css. designed website is



Megaviz also offers e-commerce facilities whereby online orders can be made and often dispatched automatically. Again, particularly relevant for a rural area, or sparsely populated area, or for those wishing to work from home, e-commerce websites need not be as expensive as often anticipated, by linking with customers already existing Paypal or Google Checkout facilities. Advice and support in the use of such websites is also readily available
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Another facility which is frequently requested by those wishing to control their own site content is the Content Management website. Megaviz is very happy to design content management websites and provide the training to use them, and they can be used effectively, providing your trained staff are likely to remain with you, and you are confident and able to submit your own material regularly. Websites can be either partially or totally controlled by the client , and if your content requires rapid attention on a regular basis it may be advantageous to use this method. Megaviz also offers a rapid upload system for those who are happier leaving such matters to our operatives. content management prices

Updating Services:

Both Content Management and Static sites require updating from time to time. Customers frequently wish to make updates which they cannot achieve themselves, and this as a part of our ongoing maintenance and hosting of your site we are happy to make updates under a variety of packages. Updating can be quite time-consuming, and as updating also has a positive effect on your search engine ranking we charge an hourly rate for this service.
updating prices

Music downloads

Graphic Design

Our graphic design is carried out on an individual basis and we will quote per item. A header page, or home page is always more expensive than other pages due to the amount of consideration which goes into the development of the key graphic images and design. Within the scope of graphic design we are able to offer photography and photo-manipulation, text imaging, and the use of a wide range of filters and effects. We primarily use Adobe Photoshop and Xara for our graphic design, but also have some recourse to Illustrator also. We find it easier to work to Graphic Design requests if they are either very specific or very relaxed. We generally proof artwork with a customer on a gradual basis to ensure customer satisfaction.
graphic design prices


Megaviz can either create Flash graphics in house or use a number of Flash specialist for more advanced requirements.
Flash prices

Logo Design

For examples of our logo design abilities, please look throughout the websites on the home page, since all are designed by ourselves. You may be particularly interested in looking at the Caroline Peel website, Molan Spectrum,, the Beehouse or Molan Publishing.
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Music Websites

Megaviz specialises in music websites, pop websites, band websites, and websites for DJs, booking entertainers, music shops, promotions agency sites.

More information about
music websites:

Music website prices

Social Networking

Working with Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Google applications, we can expand and develop your marketing profile to promote your site on the internet.

Forums and Directories

We have extensive experience of directory building and can incorporate your own forum into your directory.

Links and Web Marketing

Megaviz is well placed to increase the number of relevant links to and from your website, particularly if it is in one of our specialist areas. Links and especially backlinks are of great importance to the standing of your website on the internet and on the search engines.

website marketing prices :


The importance of blogging to marketing your website and web material has remained constant for many years. This simple technique is both useful in creating records and validity to your static site, and also in increasing its ranking.

blog prices :

Forms and Email Facilities :

Our website management and development includes the provision of email addresses for your company and private use, as well as forms for customers to use when you require specific information from them, or when you don't want to place your email details on the internet. We can create customised forms to make contacting you a pleasure rather than a task.
email and form prices :

Domain Hosting and Website Hosting:

Megaviz provide hosting for domains both when they are actively in use and when they are pointed at other domains, or being used passively.
hosting prices :


We make extensive use of iFrames for the purpose of projecting material from a separate website or blog onto your own website. IFrames are used widely in the music downloads site Noochoon, when customers wish to sell downloads which are available on Noochoon, on their own website
iFrames prices :


Research Sevices :


Content Writing :

Content Writing for websites is provided




Megaviz is a Web Design Business with a clear understanding of the requirements of a modern business, particularly in remoter and more isolated environments. We can offer a practical web development programme to suit most budgets, and with many hidden advantages of relevance and linkage which come from community based design. Our designs have stood the test of time on the internet. Please get in touch for a proposal designed to your needs and requirements.