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    Still confused about your website and what it should be doing?

Buzzpages offers a practical solution to your advertising problems without the need to write a whole new business plan. Our rates are graduated to meet your needs, and payments may not set you back any more than a series of ads in your local newspaper. But the effects are much more powerful, reaching customers who are genuinely interested in your products and have been motivated already to search for them.

If you don't have a website, we can start one by building you your own place on the search engines in a small and manageable format which will perform well within your market. This is called a data page, and is available either as standard, optimised, or as a highly optimised Superlink

If you already have a website and it's not getting the kind of enquiries you want, it will need optimisation or SEO. Search engine sucess isn't a happy accident, it depends on a system of known variables, each of which is covered in our list of prices at the foot of this page.
      At Buzzpages and its sister design company, Megaviz, we want your site to succeed. We therefore use a variety of skills in achieving the marketing effect we are aiming for. Most of the web design we carry out is manual - this we find produces the best and most genuine reactions with the search engines. We don't want you to fill in any online forms, we are more interested in working with you personally, getting to know your business from the inside out, and then using that knowledge to build effective marketing strategies on the web.

Because the nature of what we do is so labour intensive and because we do not delegate our skilled design work to trainees, our prices will not be the cheapest - but we work with our customers to achieve the web results they are looking for.

Search engine optimisation
- SEO 

The Buzzpages system uses a variety of techniques to ensure that it gets its message across. Search engine optimization is vital if you want to achieve that steady stream of enquiries and to know that people looking for your products and specialisations are able to find them. We can optimise a page, a site or just a link page for you - we can't always promise you to be the top site in the UK for your chosen product name, paricularly if there are ten thousand other sites with the same product terms, but we can find ways for you to get around this problem and reach your market in other ways.



Website design

Buzzpages website design is guided by our customers' needs, and to the image they want to portray. Making the right first impression is what matters for you, and then the development of a site which is relevant and menaningful to your clients. So we don't want to offer you more products than you need, but we will listen to what you say to us and the give you a series of suggested items which will help build you the kind of marketing presence you are looking for. Integrity within this system will give you the lead over your competitors' sites. If customers come to your website because it contains the information they need, and then find an accessible well-laid out description of your services, their confidence in your products will be higher, and they will choose you because they felt they had come to the right place! After consideration of the items we offer, you are free to choose the elements you like, and the speed at which you want the website to be built.

For an example of our html website design, please go to:











At Buzzpages we employ a unique systen of linking. Using our already huge web presence we are able to link to your site at will to lift it further in link-sensitive search engines. This is possibly our strongest marketing tool. Because all our links are created manually and reflectively, we are able to achieve better results than the marketing bodies who promote by artificially generated links. we also pride ourselves on our high level of literacy and proofing, meaning that your website will communicate what it should do once it is reached!










Flash sites

For those requiring a more mobile or graphics based website we offer Flash designed websites. Flash adds a certain grace and style to your site, and provides a sleek professional side to the functionality and purpose of your site. A Flash site should combine elements of html or in fact a shadow html site for true usefulness and marketing value, and so these jewels of construction often take considerably longer to build than your average website.













*Basic Directory Entry with text and logo on its own page and link from the directory £30 per annum
*Optimisation package - focused text, and search engine registration. £30 per annum
*Primary Buzzpages link page £50 per annum
*Subsequent link pages £15 per annum
*Buzzpages links package (up to ten extra links from the directory) £30 per annum
*Single page entry with max 2 images, focused text and search engine registration £100 per annum
*Superlink page - single page entry with additional links package £120 per annum
*Five page independent site with selected domain name, focused text and individual search engine registration £450 (renewal £100 per annum )
*Optimisation service per page £25
*Flash websites with attached html version from £750
*Domain purchase and personal domain choice service £20 for, £35 for .com per annum
* Website music £28 per hr
*Additional artwork £28 per hr
*Photography surcharge £40 per visit plus travel costs
Terms and Conditions       *Prices are subject to change, please check at the time of ordering
If our service interests you, please either email us at or telephone on
01691 649 044

Also available: business logos, email marketing, our portfolio, IT consultancy and testemonials


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11. Failure on the part of the customer to supply corrected copy proofs within one month of the date of publication will give the publisher the right to consider the advertisement as complete and correct. In this event, the customer who has not already paid the agreed amount shall be liable to pay the full cost of the advertisement ordered before further alterations in the advertisement are made.
12. The publishers do not accept responsibility for independant search engine submission, which must be negotiated separately. Pages included on our joint site submissions cannot be guaranteed to appear on any particular search engine.
13. Please note: information supplied may be used for other internal purposes within the company.

To purchase our services or gain more information, please either email us at, or telephone on 01691 649 044.

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