Terms and Conditions for the Buzzpages Superlink and Datapage

1.   This order constitutes a legally binding agreement.

2.   These terms relate to the purchase of a Superlink or       Datapage only by the customer as described on the
      website www.buzz-pages.com.
3.   Terms will be subject to the customer completing his or her       payment to Buzzpages.
4.   The publishers do not accept liability for delays in       publication due to unforeseen circumstances.However after       a delay of more than three weeks, the customer shall be       entitled to a refund of the total amount made payable to       Buzzpages for the product mentioned in the order.
5.   This agreement will be automatically renewed on the       anniversary of the date of publication and the customer shall       be automatically invoiced for a period of twelve months       inclusive in the scheme and each and every twelve months       after the date of the first payment.
6.   All subscriptions, whenever paid, will be valid for a year from       the date of publication.
7.   Cancellation of the anniversary renewal of this order shall be       made in writing and sent by recorded delivery post or email       to the publisher no later than three calendar months prior to       the anniversary date of this order.
8.   Failure on behalf of the customer to submit copy to the       publisher within one month of the date of this agreement will       give the publisher the right to print only the customer's       name and address as their valid entry. In this event, the       customer shall remain liable for the full amount payable.
9.   The customer agrees that payment terms are strictly due in       advance of product supply.
10. The person making this order, in doing so, confirms that       he/she is fully authorised to place this order on behalf of the       customer (in the case of the customer being another trading       entity of another company, the customer's legal owner,       proprietor or holding company).
11. The publisher reserves the right to cancel this agreement at       any time, giving the customer 14 days' written notice, and       at such time will refund any monies paid by the customer.
12. This contract shall be governed by the laws of England and       Wales and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive       jurisdiction of the English and Welsh Courts.
13. Failure on the part of the customer to supply corrected copy       proofs within one month of the date of publication will give       the publisher the right to consider the advertisement as       complete and correct.
14. The publishers do not accept responsibility for independant       search engine submission, which must be negotiated       separately. Pages included on our joint site submissions       cannot be guaranteed to appear on any particular search       engine.
The information supplied by advertisers is published without       responsibility on the part of The Publishers, buz-pages.com       or any individual involved in the editorial and compilation of       this site for any loss occasioned to any person or body       acting or refraining from action as a result of any       publication. Furthermore, the combined publishers named       above take no responsibility for the accuracy of       advertisements published or the quality of goods mentioned       therein. This remains the sole responsibility of the       advertisers.
16. Advertisements reproduced herein are done so at the sole      discretion of the Publishers and may also be reproduced in       other buzz-pages.com publications without further       permission being sought.
17. Buzz-pages.com does not accept any liability for any loss       suffered by any reader as a result of errors in the content of       this website. It is the sole reponsibility of advertisers to       check the accuracy of the advertisements published in this       website or any other publications arising from this       submission.
18. Although every effort is made to secure good search engine       rankings, Buzzpages cannot guarantee a pre-determined       result from its optimisation methods due to the       unpredictable variables of market and public interest.       However equal effort will be applied to every product issued.

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