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Fourlegs Pet Sitting Service provides a reliable and useful pet sitting service for those times when you don't want to use a kennels or cattery. With experienced staff local to you, we can cater for you and your pet's precise requirements with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of care.

For more information about the Staffordshire area, click the following link:

Staffordshire Pet Sitting service.

We have branches across the whole of Central England and Wales. For further information about our general service, please visit us at this link

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Pet Sitting and House Sitting Service for Staffordshire, the Midlands, and Central England and Wales

Midlands based "While You’re Away" Pet Sitting offer a totally professional and reliable service to care for your pets and house whilst you are away from home. Their widespread team of reliable house sitters and pet sitters follow your exact instructions in taking care of your house and pets when you go on holidays, business trips or family outings.

Extending across the East and West Midlands, Wales and in fact all of Central England, Fourlegs provide a helpful and less disruptive way of looking after your house and the animals that live in it during your absence

Rest assured that you will return to a warm, secure home and happy, healthy pets. All you need to do is contact Fourlegs house and pet sitting service and we will select the most suitable house sitter and pet sitter for you.