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Our wireless product offers greater control and better monitoring than ever before - with alerts sent by text or mobile, and live images which you can watch or store securely away from your premises. We are based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.
wireless CCTV
Unison Integrated Technology Ltd Birmingham, Midlands

Wireless CCTV, or Closed Circuit Television without trailing cables, is a convenient and unobtrusive security camera based surveillance system for your property , home or business

Wireless CCTV Cameras provide a flexible Surveillance System whichis easy to install and re-locate.

Some Wireless Security Cameras transmit to a Receiver over a high frequency radio signal (RF) similar to a cordless phone. you can then use video technology to view the results. These cameras may also be used with an internet-based system

A wireless security camera is usually a modest-sized piece of equipment, with batteries which enable it to record images and transmit them without cables to a receiving device. The receiver must be within a certain distance of the camera, depending on the model. The signal can be viewed using a television monitorand recorded using a VCR or DVR.

The type of wireless CCTV system you use depends on the application. A mother monitoring a baby does not need the camera to be hidden and may use an AC adaptor. She can then position the camera near to the baby in one room, and watch her child by TV in another room

Other applications may require a covert camera.

These small devices, often no bigger than a coin, can be hidden to carry out surveillance at a domestic residence, watching over the activities of your nanny, au pair or cleaner. Images are stored on VCR for viewing later.There are certain moral issues surrounding the use of such devices, andit is up to you whether you discuss surveillance or not with household employees and others before they arrive.

You can,alternatively use the internet for viewing your images live. The camera takes the picture and send them via a router or LAN adaptor to an internet address where you can view them live and store them remotely.

Internet wireless security cameras can be employed if you wish to keep an eye on your residence or premises, indoors or out, and they are particularly useful if you want to take a holiday. You can even receive alerts on your mobile phone when the camera at home detects movement, and can study the situation as it unfolds.

Wireless CCTV systems can be used to prevent vandalism to your property, to ensure your kids arrive home from school safe, to find out which of your pets is ripping up the carpet, to know whether the courier really did call, and to ensure that burglars are either put off or caught in the act.

This flexible solution to your remote monitoring problems marks a new era in home security.



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