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Internet CCTV, remotely operated cameras and revolutionary home security systems. Our internet based CCTV equipment with security alerts and live images from your property sent by email to your computer or mobile phone gives you more choices and complete peace of mind. Nationwide - based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.
internet CCTV
Unison Integrated Technology Ltd Birmingham, Midlands

Internet CCTV, or Closed Circuit Television based on the internet, is a security camera based surveillance system designed to monitor properties, businesses and homes when the owner is not present.

Nowadays we are all very aware that our homes and business premises may be targets for criminal activity. Security system issues preoccupy the small business owner and often become a burden on his or her lifestyle. Often they become trapped in routines which involve intensive security measures instead of being able to concentrate on their business.

Internet CCTV network cameras enable you to see and watch the property you need to - whether domestic or business - at any moment. Internet CCTV allows single or multiple images to be transmitted to your computer, laptop, PDA or even your mobile phone. You are alerted when problems arise and are able to see events and store images remotely from the premises. Internet CCTV cameras will automatically scan your premises, detect signs of movement and start to record every movement. So even when you can't be there you can relax in the knowledge that you have full control of your property and are holding all the evidence you need.

Business Uses for Internet CCTV

Internet or Wireless CCTV can be installed successfully in offices, warehouses, pubs, garages and on tills and in offices. Every business can benefit from the professional services provided by Internet CCTV suppliers and installers.

Domestic Remote Monitoring

You can use internet CCTV to help with a variety of household issues, from watching your home and its vulnerable points- shed, garage, or car. This can be done whilst at work or on holiday. If your children come home from school and you can't be there, internet CCTV allows you to check that they've arrived home safely. Monitoring homework, the new cleaner, baby sitter or even your dog.

Carers can ensure that their loved ones are safe 24/7.

No need to install an intruder alarm in your holiday home when you can use security cameras for remote monitoring.

Business Premises and Property

Business premises can be a nightmare if not properly secured. You can use an internet CCTV system to protect buildings, entrances or car parks, and moving cameras can be installed to cover wider areas. To do this you should use weatherproof outdoor cameras. You can also place a guard on your tills, checkouts and products to monitor customer and staff activity even when you're away on a business trip.

Internet CCTV with live images and remote storage offer a great way forward for trouble-free security.



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