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Ever wished there was a more personal touch than the kennels or the cattery? Fourlegs pet sitting service offers you just that. A reliable pet sitter and house sitter to visit your property during your absence, and care for your animals.

For more information about the Lancashire area, click the following link:

Lancashire Pet Sitting service.

Fourlegs has operatives in a large part of Central England . For further information about our general service, please visit us at this link

Pet Sitting Service for Central England
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Fourlegs Pet Sitting and House Sitting Service for Lancashire, the Midlands, and Central England and Wales

Fourlegs Pet Sitting Service offers you the best of all options. Your pets stay at home are cared for in their own environment whilst you are away on holiday or working. Services offered are pet sitting of all kinds and also house sitting. With a widesperead network of dependable staff, we can cover most areas in Central Englands and many beyond, such as Lancashire. Please visit our website for more details.

Rest assured that you will return to a warm, secure home and happy, healthy pets. We will select the most suitable house sitter and pet sitter for you.