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Receptionz offersmany choices for your wedding day entertainment - from a simple wedding disco to a wedding band and everything in-between, as well as instrumentalists to provide music in the earlier reception, whilst guests may be arriving or eating.

You have a vision of how your night ought to be - we are here to help you realise your fantasy! Most things are possible, if addressed early enough in the day. With a high quality specialist wedding music service, and top-calibre artists performing your favourite types of music, you can make your night into whatever you wish - so get in touch to see how we can help.

MantraSound - everything taken care of.

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MantraSound  wedding entertainment  wedding music

MantraSound Entertainment Agency can offer a brilliant range of options for your wedding night. Visit our website to see our lists of wedding bands, tribute bands, solo artists, classical performers and entertainers. Wedding Entertainment to suit every budget.
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