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Coolstars Recording Studio Vouchers

Buying a retirement gift or a leaving present? Let your employee or workmate fulfil a lifetime's ambition by recording his or her own CD in the unique and stunning scenery of the Welsh borders.
Retirement is a time for self-expression, a time to achieve those things you've never had the time for whilst at work. Maybe a little self-indulgence, and a gift for you which all the family can enjoy!
A day spent with us re-living your favourite music, and a CD to take away....

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Jane Lane Products - retirementretirement gift

On retirement, or leaving the company, the ideal gift for someone who has always enjoyed singing - a recording studio voucher. Around a quarter of our recording studio experience candidates are in their sixties and seventies, proving that a good voice is a good voice! If you are organising a retirement gift for someone who gets a great deal of pleasure out of singing or music, then think of our products!

You could also devise a very original retirement gift idea for a musical partner. You could, for example, book to record a CD of your retiring employee or family member's favourite tracks sung by everyone at work, or plan a project where the voices of all friends and relatives are put onto a CD as a memento with favourite music.

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