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music websites - 3 steps to music heaven

Megaviz is a small and unique business which has evolved its website design through a long association with singers, bands and musicians. Our music website design revolves around a knowledge of the market, and comprises three main steps -

Step 1 - decide on your market
Step 2 - make the product fit the user
Step 3 - provide the products easily
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Megaviz  music websites

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Step 1:

"I want to listen to rap music from Manchester..."

A new artist needs to reach out to two markets - those that know the name and those that don't - therefore your website can be designed to be accessible to your current audience, or to reach out to new listeners . In the creation of your music web site both these factors will be taken into account. Attracting visitors who are interested in melodic soft rock, jazz, indie, alternative rock, classical piano, rap, dance, folk or world music - whatever you are specialist in - is our first step.

Step 2:
"I want to find the music easily and enjoy the website experience..."

The website which is promoting a singer, band, or musician then needs to present an image which develops ideas and themes delivered in the music, and conveys an added dimension to that music. The design artist who is going to achieve this has to be able to empathise with the performer. End result? Web sites which feel comfortable to the artist, and help deliver the right music to the right audience. We achieve this through the addition of subtle music excerpts, sometimes a more overall sound, and maybe some friendly graphics which will lead the visitor to feel at home with your website and in tune with your music - enough to buy ....

Step 3:
"This is just the sort of music I love - and it's very easy to get the CD or download..... "

The website then needs to present the visitor with an easy way of buying their music. An e-commerce site may be the answer, or a link to where your discs can be bought. Or you may not want to work that way at all..!

Founded in a thriving recording studio, Megaviz is staffed with exactly the right people to make your website a combination of accessibility and glamour - functional when necessary, attractive, and with just the right amount of music to keep the visitor's interest without losing the commercial point of the site...directing them to buy your product, and come back for more.

For more info about Megaviz - click here
For more info about music websites, please email us or telephone 01691 649044 for a chat.
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