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school book displays and exhibitions - Book Business
school book displays

Book Business and School Book Displays

Working from Powys I can provide you with school book displays and exhibitions, or can set you up to organise your own book events, as well as providing you with an excellent range of children's and school book displays direct, with many discounts and incentives. This page is about the Book Seller educational book displays and shows I provide and you can provide for yourselves, your library, school or home.

Our Book Business Book Displays and Book Exhibitions for Schools

An Our Book Business Organiser can assist you in holding an Our Book Business event at most venues, whether home, library, or school and events put on will earn you a range of books which are either free or discounted.It is not difficult to put on an Book Seller event because your organiser can provide all the promotional material, such as brochures and leaflets, and will also advertise the event on the web. Your organiser will also attend the event with a selection of books for your visitors or guests, will take all payments, and will carry out a calculation of the free or discounted books which you will be eligible for.

Even those not wishing to have the complications of an event can qualify for a discount of up to 40% depending on the value of the order.You can also hold an Our Book Business event in your own home and qualify for free and discounted books for you and your family in the same way. If you want to go that little bit further you can join a team. This not only brings you the advantages in terms of books, but also gives you access to a glittering array of prizes available to organisers.

Book Selection

Book Seller include titles about Art, Cooking, Crafts and Activities, Baby Books,Christmas Books, Classics and True Stories,Early Years,Fabulous Fiction, Farmyard Tales, First Reading, and Young Reading Information, Books, Jigsaws, Games and Jokes, Languages, Music, Puzzle Books, Sports & Hobbies, Treasuries and Anthologies.

You will find that Book Seller are welcomed by most children and selling them is not difficult as they appeal to kids, parents and teachers alike.

About Our Book Business

Book Seller at Home is the direct selling division of Our Book Business Publishing.

With a 30- year history it was the first UK children's publisher to produce ground-breaking Internet-linked books. The website links readers to recommended websites, enhancing the information in the books with movies, sounds, pronunciation guides, games and quizzes on the Internet. There are now over 200 Our Book Business Internet-linked books, including atlases, encyclopedias, language books and dictionaries.

Early Years books include bath books to picture books, flashcards to phonics. Ideal for pre-school children

Book Seller make great supplementary readers for all children at every stage and key stage, graded to suit all levels and abilities, from first readers to independent readers. There is a mixture of fiction and non-fiction to appeal to all kids' tastes and teachers uses. So the subject matter of many Our Book Business reading books supports key National Curriculum topics.

The Fabulous Fiction range offers a variety of well-known authors, whist the non-fiction range covers historical and mythical topics, and many interactive and highly educational titles.

For more information about Our Book Business book displays, book exhibitions, school books and educational home business possibilities, please click here - Book Seller Powys

This page is about suppliers of school book displays and school book exhibitions. Please follow the links to see our main supplier of school books and children's books.

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