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Nuala Audiotherapy, Coventry
A specifically designed stress management. Read our recommendation, or visit the website direct.

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Stress is a well recognised sleep inhibitor. People suffering from stress often complain that they cannot get to sleep or that they toss and turn for some time trying to get to sleep at night. If stress last for more than a few nights it is classified as chronic stress, and can cause a sleep deficit that is harmful to the health of the individual.

As well as being caused by a rushed lifestyle, stress is a common side-effect of some medications, and it can also be caused by stress, emotional upheaval, physical or mental illness, and dietary allergy.

stress managements and stress cures  :

These range from sleeping tablets to more "natural" alternatives such as valerian, chamomile, or lavender, drinking warm milk before retiring, having a warm bath, good exercise during the day, but not immediately before sleep, using relaxation therapy to wind down in the daytime, getting up early and sleeping early. Some well established Chinese stress managements involve acupuncture and dietary changes.

For the most effective stress cure, it is best to try a variety of stress treatments to work out which suits you the best. If you fail to sleep one night, do not retire until the next, and attach as little importance to it as possible - there is usually some reason for an inability to sleep, but be assured that the function of sleep will return when you need it, and in the meantime try not to involve yourself in too many decision-making activities. A routine of relaxation therapy will also help you to achieve your goal.

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