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Nuala Audiotherapy, Coventry
A specifically designed relaxation therapy course. Read our recommendation, or visit the website direct.

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Relaxation Therapy Techniques for All

Relaxation therapy methods have the following beneficial effects: they can reduce your stress levels, raise your productivity, and enhance your sense of well-being in a physical, mental and spiritual sense.Following a course of relaxation therapy may help you to combat the problems encountered by the build-up of stress in your daily life. These problems include damage to your physical and mental health and your spiritual equilibrium, and a lowering of your productivity both at home and at work, caused by overwork and too many different sources of responsibility. Stress can do irreparable damage to relationships with family, partners and friends, and it is therefore essential that the stressed individual takes action and time to put this right.

Try the following simple relaxation therapy methods to raise your immunity to stress:

1. Take regular breaks. These can include short walks in a pleasant place, moving away from the focus on work, a short chat, a quiet moment. Even a visit to the bathroom, or walking an animal can help and become a type of relaxation therapy if it takes you away from th point of work.

2. Breathe. When you feel under pressure, breathe in through your nose, hold the breath for ten or twenty seconds, and the slowly release it through your mouth.

3. Take daily exercise. this can form a part of your breaks, and could include walking, cycling, running, yoga, or anything which does not place a great strain on you physically, but still ensures that you will be breathing deeper, and becomes more aware of your physical self. if you are disabled, take time to move about as best you can, according to your doctor's recommendations, or try singing, or telling a few jokes! Massage is another way to reach your physical being a release thpose endorphins!

4. Make time for yourself - this is particularly important if you are working from home. Take the time to look at your appearance, take a bath, and feel good about yourself before the day begins. This type of therapy is often overlooked by the small business owner.

5. Adopt a positive approach to the stresses and strains of daily happenings. Most points of stress involve trivial matters - try to stand back and list all the positive points of a matter before getting engrossed in the negative points. Try to develop an overview which allows you to look objectively and not bring personal niggles to the forefront when making decisions. Particularly when it involves people management, you need to be able to step back and allow your workers some degree of independence

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