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MantraSound - karaoke Shropshire - karaoke Wales  - Shropshire karaoke    Powys karaoke

MantraSound supplies a karaoke service in Shropshire, Powys, Wales, and the Midlands including Oswestry karaoke, Cheshire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Telford, and Coventry.

All DJs come with Public Liability Insurance and a playlist service, meaning that tracks played are those expected by the host, and the style of karaoke can be tailored to the event , i.e. birthday party, school party, student karaoke, Christmas karaoke, office karaoke or other event.

For mobile karaoke in any area please email MantraSound , or go to our website opposite.


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karaoke Wales
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Qamus Events   

Qamus (pronouced "kamoos") is an event planning organisation based conveniently for the Powys and Shropshire markets. Built on our knowledge and skill in matching venue to customer requirements and bringing all elements of your plan together in measured stages, we value our established method of proper consultation, planning, revising and research.

Because we are able to supply some features such as karaoke and wedding karaoke supply and band booking in-house, customers find our packages economical and competitive.

Qamus will offer you an estimate or quotation for the management of your event or your wedding entertainment
, and help you put together a practical and creative plan for the big day.

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Qamus Events
karaoke Wales   
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