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Jane Lane Products - music gift - Shropshire, Cheshire, Gloucestershire, Wales and the Midlands, Jane Lane Gifts catalogue offers a number of music-related gifts for the serious musician or budding amateur. Choose recording experiences to suit your taste - opportunities to record you own music, to set music to your words, to record your favourite tracks or favourite music for your loved one, or a CD with commentary by you, including nostalgic photos, voices, sounds and sound effects....wherever your imagination takes you. Suitable for an anniversary gift, Christmas gift, birthday gift, retirement gift, wedding gift, maternity gift or music gift. Recording studio vouchers available as gifts on request.
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Recording Studio Experience - gift experiences - Wales, Shropshire, Midlands
Buy a recording studio experience session for your loved one - a chance to give a gift that will really count! Six to eighteen hours in a professional studio, and a commercial-sounding product to take away at the end as a souvenir, or even as a professional demo. Record the tracks you love to sing at karaoke parties, or even have your own songs arranged and produced. Previous artists have been given recording sessions as anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, retirement gifts, wedding gifts, or maternity gifts. Experiences may be booked by voucher or traditional booking form system.

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Neverfade Sound Restoration - a great idea for a Christmas gift or birthday gift - put your loved one's precious favourite records or cassettes onto CD and remove all the blemishes and imperfections, so that they can listen to them as new. LP to CD, cassette to CD, reel-to-reel to CD transfers. A brilliant gift for all musical tastes!
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Bilberry Trading Ltd, (ceramic gifts) Staffordshire
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