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Run your own UTTA Classes in your area, UK wide.
Pre-School Music Education courses for the under 5s.

This is a unique franchise opportunity in the rewarding area of pre-school music teaching and music education.

Franchisees run their own courses where they want to - all equipment and course structure is supplied by the parent company, UTTA. The course is fun, entertaining and also highly educational, teaching pitch and rhythm skills through a combination of repetition and action. UTTA is looking for franchisees in all areas of the UK to take over and run classes in this first music course aimed at the pre-school toddler age range.

Candidates are ideally those with an interest in music, returning teachers with family commitments looking for a part-time teaching job. Courses are designed to fit a part-time teaching requirement, and UTTA is taught at local church halls or community centres by mums and other people who are helping their communities as well as supplementing their own income.

There are classes up and down the country, at times that are convenient for today's busy mothers and children. To find your nearest class click here. Or if you want training to set up a class for your community click here. You'll be providing valuable help to the community and earning a little extra for you and your family!

Educational Franchise
from UTTA

part time music teaching

Visit the UTTA website for more details

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