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Wales, Shropshire

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Name Noochoon Record Label Contact: 01691 649044     

Record Label to be reckoned with. C'mon Record Company -  
pro recording facilities and intensive promotions for hard-working bands and artists.
Noochoon - Get with us. Record label details here.

Making your first recording?
Noochoon can offer you the ideal introduction :

Take up a Coolstars Recording Studio Experience and see life from the professional point of view. Our recording studio experiences are intended as a genuine introduction to real-world recording - relaxing and fun but purposeful, putting you in the rdriving seat of your recordings. Carried out at the Beehouse Recording Studio , experiences put new artists through their paces and produce tracks in a friendly but creative environment. The Beehouse is a professional recording studio , offering both commercial and non-commercial packages. Also offering instrumental, vocal DJ, classical guiatar, piano, keyboard, singer, pop star, songwriter and any other style of recording studio experience to the level required.

Noochoon is very much an independent record label. Our recording artists tend to be committed individuals and bands with a team ethos. In return for commitment and staying power we offer a number of packages designed to get the band or artist heard, and keep them earning and gaining income and publicity as they develop. Visit our site to find out about our recording contracts, bands, band contracts, solo artists, solo artist contracts, who's signed with us, promotion deals, our record label conditions,what it's like working with us, getting gigs and so forth We're easily approachable, but we also believe in making plans and following them. Contact us if you feel you'd like to deal with a record company with a practical interest in getting your show on the road.
Telephone 01691 649044 or
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