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Wales, Shropshire, Powys, Gloucestershire, Cheshire, Midlands, Herefordshire, Worcestershire

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Megaviz specialises in website design for visibility. With quick-loading, well-designed pages and the discreet use of complex images, we aim to get your products seen by the maximum number of people. In all our web projects, intelligent SEO - search engine optimisation - and website optimization are used to attract the search engines and improve website ranking. We can advise you also on the wording of your site - if required our web language experts will re-word and enhance the language used in your website to give you more chance of relevant hits. Based on the Shropshire Wales border we are familiar with the website marketing needs of small and isolated businesses as well as larger scale ventures. We undertake the following types of project UK-wide:

1. Actual website design to include advice and hands-on assistance in creating a desirable text framework for your website.
2. Image creation - logos and pictures used on your website.
3. SEO - search engine optimisation - where we take an existing site and develop it through established phases to a site which is more "readable" to the major search engines.
4. E-commerce website design - the preparation of a website to market a prepared product directly to website visitors.
5. Web-linked media production - where we design an integrated system of web-linked CD-Roms to meet your customer needs and to draw more customers ultimately to your website.

Megaviz website design also specialises in the production of music websites. Sites can be with music playing automatically or an request, although we prefer the latter style. Please look at some of our designs, and more importantly, look at where they rank on the search engines.

If you would like to know more about any of these products or a related area, please visit our website    Email us   or telephone : 01691 649044

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