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Rumours persist of a groundbreaking new funk album being recorded at Hookstick's secret Wales recording venue. The new album, which has been delayed by the resolution of personal issues within the band, is played by a new line-up as yet to be disclosed, and consists of a modern retro feel funk and soul playlist. The album, entitled "Real" will be available in the latter part of this year and the band plan to tour a wide number of venues. More about Hookstick....


DJ Services

Hire a Pro DJ and wedding DJs from MantraSound Disco Agency. A professional DJ service providing you with well-researched excellence for your unique event, whether your wedding, a corporate event or a special birthday party. Rely on a MantraSound DJ.

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Recording Studio Experience

Summer's coming ! ...Give someone a Coolstars recording studio experience. Singing, guitar, piano, classical songwriter or any other. look no further for the perfect day...

Guitar Experience Recording Experience
Sponsor : Beehouse Recording Studio Experience Days

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The Beehouse Recording Studio

Powys Business Directory - Shropshire Business Directory?

Buzzpages is a private directory, servicing the small businesses of the Midlands and Wales.We currently have over 200 businesses making use of our advantageous web position to market themselves more effectively and promote themselves to the outside world.

 Buzzpages offers Business Ads in your local Shropshire business directory

The Beehouse Recording Studio

The Beehouse, based on the Powys Shropshire border, is currently offering a very good and immensely enjoyable series of recording studio experience days which can be given as birthday gifts, retirement gifts, Christmas gifts or presents for any other occasion. Amongst our recording experience days we offer hen party and stag party catering as well as an event for your staff outing or corporate day out.

The following recording gifts are available as a one or two day package and are flexible enough to include many different types of instrument and recording besides those mentioned. Recording vouchers
are available for this gift experience.
Recording Studio Experience

singing experience   (singing to backings)  or or pop star experience
piano experience day
Hen Party CD
Stag Party Recording
Corporate Recording Session - Recording Studio Experience
guitar recording day  (including lead, rhythm and bass)
studio engineer experience day - Cubase course
DJ experience day
Family Recording Session
songwriting course
keyboard experience day   
music production course
classical experience day (including flute and woodwind, horn trumpet and brass, violin and strings, opera, choral, jazz, we're open to new ideas!)

Recording Studio Experiences and Recording Studio Experience Packages of all kinds - just visit our website at the Beehouse or contact us for details

Pro DJ Service

MantraSound traditionally supplies professional calibre DJs for the events that matter. With twelve years' experience in the agenting of pro DJs and 35 years experience in the world of the DJ, MantraSound customers know that they can rely on our sevice for flexibility, punctuality, high quality of music and attentivenes to customer tastes at all times. Hire a Pro DJ and relax.


MantraSound Disco Agency brings you a reliable disco service for weddings, corporate events and private parties.

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Shropshire Business Directory - Powys Business Directory?

The Beehouse listing of music gifts and music services

The Beehouse is a traditional professional recording studio with one difference. The viewpoint.
Not only do we offer astoundingly informal relaxed and genuine recording studio facilities-experiences for novices and studio/production time for professional artists, but we also provide a whole range of music services from this remote and staggeringly beautiful location. These are listed on our website.

Recording Studio

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CCTV digital CCTV home security internet CCTV remote monitoring security cameras security systems wireless CCTV CD copying cd covers cd duplication Shropshire CD sleeve production cdr duplication CD-R duplication Christmas gift Christmas gifts Powys business directoryChristmas present company team building composer - Shropshire composers – Powys composition computer training concert engineering concert engineers concert recording Powys business directorycorporate entertainment corporate events children's book events children's book shows

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Shropshire Business Directory - Powys Business Directory?

Buzzpages Shropshire Business Directory and Powys Business Directory is not a free directory - we provide a listing service which helps businesses to promote their salient features clearly on the internet, and work with busineses applying for our Superlink to ensure that they are offered the greatest advantage. We optimise all Superlinks and other datapages for web use and the optimisation for the Superlink is a refelective process during which we try ato reach to attempted market by negotiation with the customer - sometimes over a period of months. Buzzpages does not provide an instant solution to your marketing concerns, but a realistic blow by blow approach to resolving your website marketing issues. With a strong belief in the value and power of html style design, we may suggest a Superlink to lift your website, or a mixture of other solutions such a the optimisation of your website itself., and your company's inclusion in other sites and e-zines.

Our successful sites tend to be successful long-term because of the way they are structured - and our Superlinks have a stable marketing presence in their focused fields. Where website optimisation and an increase in website relevance is required we can either develop the wording ourselves, with the customer's guidance, or guide the customer into creating chunks of text which will be useful in explaining the website to the search engines.

With a focus on Wales, Powys in particular, Shropshire,Cheshire, Birmingham and the Midlands in general, Buzzpages aims to provide a quality Business Directory within its specialist fields.

For any queries, please contact us here

Powys Business Directory - Shropshire Business Directory?

Buzzpages offers Business Ads in your local Powys business directory    

A Shropshire business directory and also a Powys Business Directory:


At Buzzpages, we like to think or ourselves as a local directory, although we do take entries from all over the Midlands and further afield. However our main area of focus is Shropshire and Powys- we are truly a borderland directory. Not only do we offer entries for Shropshire and Powys businesses, but we offer access to a whole range of websites providing services for the community and bringing tourism to the Shropshire Powys area. Listed below are a few of our Shropshire business directory entries or Powys business directory entries which have really been significant for Shropshire and Powys tourism.

Shropshire and Powys music and entertainment

Within the Powys Business Directory in particular, we offer considerable support to music services in the borders region. Of particular interest are the recording studio experience days offered in this lovely scenic region, and the recording studio packages available to recording artists requiring that particular peace and quiet for their work.

Local Business in Shropshire and Powys :

Finally, Buzz-pages offers considerable support to a number of prominent small or larger businesses by promoting therm successfully on the World Wide Web. Our specialism in the area of SEO means that smaller and more isolated businesses particularly in the more rural parts can compete with larger and more central businesses. A few of these businesses and services are listed below:

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Buzzpages is based in Powys, on the Powys Shropshire border. It can be truly described as both a Powys Business Directory and a Shropshire Business Directory. To search our index, please use the search box at the head of this page. For any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.