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UTTA is an organisation set up to describe the parameters for effective and communicative language and music teaching in the UK.

It also provides effective self-motivated learning through sound teaching methodology.Areas of focus are currently ESOL courses and EFL courses, Arabic and French courses, Music Production and Songwriting Courses and a variety of other types of service.

Language Courses
Our language courses - French, Arabic and English, are aimed variously at Business, Migrant Needs (ESOL), short course input for schools and a whole variety of other language learning and awareness requirements. Our Arabic Course in particular is used in teacher training situations as an awareness tool and is also suitable for team building exercises. Focusing on spoken confidence and practical communications, each course is tailored to the needs of the group - although a general scheme may be followed. You can read more about our methodology and way of teaching on the methodology page.

EFL, ESL ESOL in its many guises is a specialism. With management and course design expertise at a high level, UTTA has extensive experience of teaching EFL overseas and in this country, and also teaching ESL in mainstream schools and reception centres. Jane in particular has teaching management experience and has both overseen and participated in British Council accreditation programmes, as well as designing a specific programme and protocols for this purpose. We can therefore develop high calibre courses to prepare students for a wide variety of testing as well as select courses to help them practically integrate in British life and the British and anglophone workplace.

Music Courses
We also have substantial music expertise on board. Our music courses fulfil a variety of roles. Reaching a high commercial standard due to the technical skills and experience of Philip, we can provide professional preparation courses, confidence building courses and simple music therapy. Day courses in particular are often awards to students who have already reached a certain level in their music and would like to develop their skills in a wider sense. During a songwriting day, a student learns how to shape a song or composition using a variety of tools, and working alongside a professional arranger. The end product of these days is often phenomenal and of course can be marketed is desired. Other possibilities are group residential courses which teach team work skills and provide opportunities for songwriting, performance, production and recording.

We can also run class courses in keyboard use and composition for schools equipped with keyboards, and the traditional build a band sessions as well.

UTTA currently offers ESOL courses, Arabic courses and music courses principally in Llanfyllin, Oswestry and Shrewsbury, and can provide easily for most locations in Shropshire and Powys. Course Development and Course Design can take place UK-wide.